Trump Has A Long History Of Disrespecting Native Americans

“Why are you being discriminatory? Why is it that the Indians don't pay tax, but everybody else does? I do,” Trump once said.



President Donald Trump can never resist the opportunity to attack Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) by calling her "Pocahontas" — even when he's supposed to be honoring Native Americans.

Trump just set the bar at a new low with his latest racist attack.

The president once again dropped the word, but this time, he did so in front of Native American heroes, during an event honoring Navajo Code Talkers.

However, Trump’s disregard for Native Americans is nothing new and he has a tense history with them.

In 1993, Trump sued the federal government, maintaining that allowing Indian tribes to open casinos discriminated against him.

While testifying before the House Native American Affairs Subcommittee, Trump made several comments about Native Americans.

At the beginning of the exchange, Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.) asked Trump, “Is this you, discussing Indian blood: ‘We're going to judge people by whether they have Indian blood, whether they're qualified to run a casino or not?’”

“That probably is me, absolutely. Because I'll tell you what. If you look, if you look at some of the reservations that you've approved, that you, sir, in your great wisdom have approved, I will tell you right now — they don't look like Indians to me. And they don't look like the Indians ... Now, maybe we say politically correct or not politically correct, they don't look like Indians to me, and they don't look like Indians to Indians,” Trump replied.

He added, “And a lot of people are laughing at it. And you're telling me how tough it is and how rough it is to get approved. Well, you go up to Connecticut and you look. Now, they don't look like Indians to me, sir.”

After back and forth questions, Trump asked Miller in the end.

“You're saying only Indians can have the reservations, only Indians can have the gaming. So why aren't you approving it for everybody? Why are you being discriminatory? Why is it that the Indians don't pay tax, but everybody else does? I do,” he said.

The exchange not only proves Trump’s ignorance toward Native Americans but also shows how little he knows about American history.

The United States was formed by European immigrants seizing land from Native American tribes. In the course of the event, land from Natives was bought or stolen, forcing them to move to defined areas known as reservations.

In 1976, a court ruling stated states can't tax Native Americans living on reservations. The decision also paved way for them to operate gaming establishments.

Hence, instead of accusing Native Americans of faking their identities, Trump should have brushed up on his historical facts.




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