Trump’s Visit To Black Church In Flint Didn’t Go As Planned

"Now, the cars are made in Mexico, and you can’t drink the water in Flint," Trump told the crowd at Bethel United Methodist Church in Flint.



Update: Donald Trump spoke to "Fox and Friends" about being interrupted by Rev. Faith Timmons and said, "she was a nervous mess, and so I figured something—I figured something was up, really." 

Trump added that the interruption didn't phase him and that "everyone plays their games," Uproxx reports. 

Timmons spoke about it in a since deleted Facebook post and wrote, "I wanted him to see intelligent people, loving people, caring people, who have done well with the resources that they had and I wanted to present the best I could to someone coming in from out of town, it happened to be Donald Trump."

Trump stating that "something was up" and telling the media that the Reverend was "a nervous mess," he made it appear as if the church pre-planned to offend the presidential candidate, in order to embarrass and make him look bad for attacking Hilary Clinton, when Trump simply had it coming. 

Donald Trump has trumpeted his hatred and acrimony across the nation for a year, but we all just learned it only takes one quiet, but strong voice to shut his mouth.

The Republican presidential nominee's trip to Flint, Michigan, was promoted as a visit to learn about the crisis that forced an entire community to use bottled water for the most basic of their needs for over two years. Things didn't go as planned for Trump.

On Wednesday, in another attempt at pandering to black voters, the business mogul made a pit stop at an African-American church to discuss the ongoing water crisis. Unsurprisingly, it generated quite a lot of attention, but not the kind he probably hoped for — especially after he veered his speech toward politics and Mexico.

“It was just announced that Ford is moving all small car production  all of it, 100 percent — to Mexico over the next two to three years. It just happened. We shouldn’t allow it to happen,” said Trump at the Bethel United Methodist Church. “They’ll make their cars, they’ll employ thousands and thousands of people not from this country and they’ll sell the cars through a very weak border  no tax, no nothing. And we’ll have nothing but more unemployment in Flint and Michigan.”

Then, in his usual fashion, he used the opportunity to take a dig at Ford Motor Co. for moving its production of small cars to Mexico.

The untimely (and rather inappropriate) remark did not sit well with many in the audience.

“It used to be cars were made in Flint and you couldn't drink the water in Mexico,” the White House hopeful quipped. “Now the cars are made in Mexico and you can't drink the water in Flint. That's not good.” 

The loud-mouthed billionaire then moved onto economy and China, before turning to attack his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.

It was at that moment that Rev. Faith Green Timmons, the church's pastor, interrupted and told him, “Mr. Trump, I invited you here to thank us for what we've done in Flint, not to give a political speech.”

Following the reverend’s comment, Trump spoke for a bit longer and abruptly ended his speech after a man in the crowd began to heckle him. 

“He is a guest of my church and you will respect him,” admonished Timmons.

Twitterati were quick to heckle the candidate for trying to exploit Flint’s problems for a photo op.








Meanwhile, Trump mentioned the incident at a later rally in Canton, Ohio.

“Some people in those communities aren't planning on voting for me and that's OK,” he said.



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