Desperate Trump Invites Obama's Half-Brother To The Next Debate

Donald Trump hatches another harebrained scheme ahead of the last presidential debate, a move that reeks of his desperation.

Republican nominee Donald Trump is getting more frantic by the day, if his decision to invite Obama’s half-brother to the final presidential debate is any indication.

The Trump camp has confirmed that Obama’s Kenyan-born estranged half-brother, Malik Obama, will be in audience during the final showdown between the media mogul and his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, in Las Vegas on Wednesday.

Apparently, there is some bad blood between the two Obamas.

Malik has criticized President Obama bluntly in the past and is apparently no fan of his policies. He has been quoted saying he does not approve of same-sex marriages and has bashed Clinton for exacerbating conflicts in the Middle East when she became secretary of state.

However, Malik’s own political aspirations have been far from stellar. In 2013, he tried for the governorship of the western Kenyan county of Siaya, but failed in the attempt.

He has also expressed resentment for the fact that his half-brother did not aid him in his organization to support the family village of Kogelo in Kenya.

His most recent visit with his brother was in 2015 at the White House, which Malik described as a “hands-off kind of thing, very businesslike, very formal.”

In July, Malik reported he would be voting for Trump in the coming elections. When asked about the GOP candidate’s scandalous past and sexual abuse allegations, Malik said he didn’t believe them.

“Why didn't they come forward before?” he challenged.




The addition of Obama’s half-brother might be the GOP nominee’s biggest debate stunt till now. However, this isn’t the first time Trump has shamelessly brought forth guests from his opponents’ past to use as tools against them.

At the second presidential debate, Trump showed up with four women who accused Bill and Hillary Clinton of sexual assault and protecting a sexual criminal.

The incident was an unprecedented display of lack of taste from the GOP nominee who did it obviously to rattle Clinton. Let’s see if this similar display has the effect on Clinton that Trump is hoping for. It just proves how low he can go to get what he wants.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Thomas Mukoya 

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