Donald Trump Proves Why He Shouldn’t Be President. Again.

Donald Trump, yet again, puts his foot in his mouth with a tweet that demands Iran return the already-released U.S. soldiers to American custody.

The debacle of the 10 American soldiers, who were detained at Iran’s Farsi Island, had a lot of tongues wagging. So it comes as no surprise when Donald Trump contributed his two cents, although admittedly, too late.

The frontrunner GOP candidate, as an example of the type of foreign policies that America needs, ordered Iran to return the soldiers immediately — after they were already released.


The Republican candidate, who apparently holds himself above little things like paying attention to the world, displayed his message in a blaring tweet, hours after the soldiers were freed.

The demagogic politician then proceeded to criticize Obama for being “weak” and assured the world that he would be a much better president when it comes to dealing with foreign policies.

The embarrassing tweet is yet another example of the candidate’s profound arrogance of the Middle East and of the world at large.

When a radio show host questioned Trump on his failing to recognize the leaders of militant group and asked him when he would learn more about Middle East, his response was:

“I will when it’s appropriate. I will know more about it than you know, and believe me, it won’t take me long.”

Only three days ago, Trump said Iranians like to “taunt” the USA.

"Like, as an example, the boats got captured," he said. "Now, maybe by the time we get out, we get them back. But maybe not. Because the Iranians like to taunt us because they don't have like respect for our leaders, right?"

He then immediately turned his attention toward another apparently more important topic: his website’s traffic.

And last week, the controversial candidate had the bright idea to place his ignorance on full display on Twitter.  Ignoring his own advice of “getting smart,” he posted a tweet about his non-existent geographical acumen.


Overall, Trump seems to be winning every time in the contest of incompetence, arrogance and stupidity. His ignorance of Middle East and calling for the murder of these masses without a thought is just the icing on the cake.

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