Donald Trump Is Writing His Own 'Short But Impactful' Inaugural Speech

Presidents and presidents-elect typically work jointly with speechwriters, but this is Trump, after all.

President-elect Donald Trump apparently spent part of the day at his winter retreat of Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, writing his "short but impactful" inaugural speech.

Though short, the speech will cover topics like the education system, infrastructure, border security, the state of the military, the economy and the outsourcing of jobs.

One would think he doesn't trust anyone with the task, but he is supposedly concerned for his fans and followers.

"He doesn't want it to be long," said presidential historian Douglas Brinkley. "He would like it to be a shorter one. He doesn't want people standing out in the cold."

It was earlier expected that Trump's speech will be prepared by Stephen Miller, a policy aide who also crafted his convention speech.

Presidents and presidents-elect typically work jointly with speechwriters but this is Trump, after all.

And people are (obviously) having a field day:








It will be interesting, to say the least, what the inaugural address comes out to be. Trump has hinted that "Reagan’s 'style' and Kennedy’s articulation of grand national ambitions" are central to how he thinks through his own speech.

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