John Kerry: Trump Has Maturity Of An 8YO, Insecurity Of A Teenage Girl

“He really is the rare combination – he’s got the maturity of an eight-year-old boy with the insecurity of a teenage girl. That’s just who he is.”

Former U.S. Secretary Of State John Kerry appears to have been getting in President Donald Trump’s hair lately on account of his meetings with what the commander-in-chief calls the “very hostile Iranian regime.

Trump, since he scrapped the nuclear deal with Iran much to the chagrin of seasoned foreign policy officials, has been vehemently against any peace-building efforts with the Middle Eastern country.

Kerry, disregarding Trump’s wishes, has admitted to meeting Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif three or four times since the real estate mogul assumed power.

In his typical fashion, Trump recently took to Twitter to slam Kerry, prompting a host of other governmental officials to come forward to condemn Kerry’s efforts.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said behavior was “inconsistent” with the U.S. foreign policy and accused him of undermining the policy.

In an appearance on "Real Time with Bill Maher," where he had come to promote his new book “Every Day Is Extra,” Kerry addressed Trump’s accusations. He said the POTUS has the “maturity of an eight-year-old boy” and the “insecurities of a teenage girl."

“He really is the rare combination – he’s got the maturity of an eight-year-old boy with the insecurity of a teenage girl. That’s just who he is,” the former Massachusetts senator told the show's host and audience.

He did not just stop there.

Kerry went on to say that Trump was probably the only president who spent more time reading his tweets than the Constitution or the briefing books.

He also had a comment on the anonymous op-ed published in The New York Times, where the writer identified as a government official dedicated to bringing down Trump.

“It's gone from the art of the deal to the art of the squeal,” Kerry remarked.

Kerry said a better use of the POTUS’ time would be worrying about his former campaign chair Paul Manafort co-operating with special counsel Robert Mueller in the Russian investigation.

Regarding his meetings with Iran, Kerry admitted that he had been meeting Zarif and that “everybody does.”

“I did absolutely [meet with Iran]. Everybody does. There's absolutely nothing unusual about it,” he added.

It is important from a humanitarian angle to continue to cultivate better relations with Iran.

Since the U.S. has begun to place sanctions on Iran again, the country has faced a shortage of imported vital medicines. As international companies and pharmacies pull out of Iran, citizens are left scrambling for chemotherapy drugs that are simply not available any more. The sanction does not hurt the government as much as it hurts the ordinary people in the country.

Watch the interview below.


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