Liberal Pundits Overlook Trump’s Demagoguery To Rave About Coherence

Dear liberal pundits, just because Trump didn’t rant and rave like the delusional lunatic he is, doesn’t mean he was being presidential.

President Donald Trump gave his first address to a joint session of Congress this week and two things happened that seemed impossible so far (and by so far, we mean ever since Trump decided to run for president in June 2015.)

  1. Trump spoke like a normal person
  2. Liberal media commentators gave rave reviews of Trump for speaking like a normal person

Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

It was and wasn’t, actually.

For the first time in many — many — years, Trump didn’t sound like the self-absorbed demagogue that he is.

For the first time in many — many — months, Trump used words other than “bigly,” “incredible,” “fake news,” “yuge,” etc.

For the first time since Jan. 20, he was adequate.

However, in spite of all of this, unlike what many liberal pundits suggested in their analysis on various news channels, Trump wasn’t “presidential.”


Yes, he spoke coherently but, then again, isn’t that a basic requirement for any politician?

Why is coherence suddenly being celebrated?

If Trump has lowered the bar for the president of the United States — the leader of the free world — why is he being lauded for doing the right thing, especially when everybody knew he was reading off of the Teleprompter?

There was no effort on his part as such.

Yet, liberal commentators, even the ones who are vocal Trump critics like Ana Navarro of CNN, showered lavish praise on the president…


Instead Navarro should’ve talked about how Trump, during the much-admired speech, called for the new “VOICE” agency that would essentially legitimize the government targeting undocumented immigrants.

The most shocking review came from CNN’s Van Jones, who took the country by storm in November with his powerful and memorable post-election analysis when he called the results “a whitelash against a changing country.”

Apparently, Trump moved Jones when he led a standing ovation for the wife of the Navy SEAL who recently died in a covert operation in Yemen.

"That was one of the most extraordinary moments you have ever seen in American politics, period,” Jones commented. “And he did something extraordinary. And for people who have been hoping that he would become unifying, hoping that he might find some way to become presidential, they should be happy with that moment.”

No, Mr. Jones. For people who want real change, it’s not about being “happy” or content with a solitary moment.

Also, it’s sad that Jones chose to praise the president instead of pointing out how Trump was the one who gave a green light to the strike that killed 36-year-old U.S. Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens along with several civilians, including children — without receiving sufficient intelligence.

Jones also didn’t mention the fact that Bill Owens, William’s father, refused to meet Trump when he came to receive the casket carrying his son or the fact that Trump shamelessly blamed the SEAL’s killing on the military.

Sure, Trump denounced bomb threats at Jewish community centers in the speech. However, not many liberal pundits, who were going gaga over the president’s “changed tone,” bothered to discuss how, the same day as the joint session address, he reportedly suggested the latest wave of anti-Semitic threats could just be false flag incidents (or maybe were orchestrated by Jews themselves.)

Trump condemned the Kansas shooting, in which a white man named Adam Purinton shot at two Indian immigrants before yelling, “Get out of my country, but failed to address the larger problem of white domestic terrorists or the recent wave of hate crimes being committed in his name.

The president talked about radical Islamic terrorism, while blatantly ignoring rising anti-Islamic sentiment and uptick in hate crimes against Muslims in the country.

It’s appalling that liberal media analysts like Jones preferred to praise Trump’s Teleprompter reading instead of talking about the substance of his speech.

Just because he didn’t explicitly insult undocumented immigrants as “rapists or drug dealers,” doesn’t mean he has stopped separating families of undocumented immigrants

Just because he didn’t cry “fake news” throughout his speech, doesn’t mean he respects free speech.

Just because he denounced anti-Semitism, doesn’t mean he understands how deeply it’s affecting the American Jewish community.

Just because Trump didn’t rant and rave like the delusional lunatic he is, doesn’t mean he was being “presidential.”  

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Jonathan Ernst

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