Trump Jr. Fires Back At NBC For Referring To Oprah As 'Our President'

After NBC tweeted a picture of Oprah with the caption "Nothing but respect for OUR president," Donald Trump Jr. hit back claiming bias and political endorsing.

Oprah Winfrey left the Golden Globes' audience in awe Sunday evening after delivering a powerful award speech that covered race, assault and gender equality.

The speech, in addition to Seth Meyers' opening monologue, re-sparked the rumors that Winfrey was planning to run in 2020 for president. As viewers took to Twitter to express their approval of the inspiring speech, NBC also tweeted out their approval with an image of Winfrey and the caption "Nothing but respect for OUR future president." 

Donald Trump Jr., and many others, saw the now-deleted tweet as a political endorsement. Trump Jr. specifically cited the caption as an example of media bias against his father, President Donald Trump, and his administration. 

After the network deleted the tweet, NBC released a statement in which they clarified that a "third party agency" made a "real-time joke" during Meyers' monologue and that it was in no way a political statement or endorsement. 

This back-and-forth between NBC and Trump Jr. did nothing to squash the speculation over Winfrey running for election in three years.

Oprah's longtime partner, Stedman Graham, has added to the conversation stating that Winfrey is interested in running if the conditions are right. But for now, we will have to wait and see if she plans to run as rumors are simply that, and Trump Jr. may want to brush up on his meme knowledge for the time being. 

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