Donald Trump Jr. Likes The Poor People Of India — Because They ‘Smile’

Donald Trump Jr. tried his best to flatter the Indian public while promoting his family’s real estate interests in the country.

Donald Trump Jr.’s love for guns and hunting may have finally been surpassed by something else: the smile of “poor” Indian people. 

The business mogul and eldest son of President Donald Trump apparently finds it endearing how the “poorest of the poor” in India always smile.

Trump Jr. is on a trip to India to promote a line of luxury condos and rather than focusing on the elite class that might be able to afford them, he appears to have taken a liking to the underprivileged of the country who, according to him, have a sense of spirit that is unrivaled across the globe.

“I think there is something about the spirit of the Indian people that is unique here to other parts of the emerging world,” he told CNBC India during an interview. “You go through a town, and I don't mean to be glib about it, but you can see the poorest of the poor and there is still a smile on a face.”

He repeatedly praised the vigor and spirit of the Indian citizens.

“It is a different spirit than that which you see in other parts of the world where people walk around to solemn, and I think there is something unique about that. It doesn’t exist elsewhere,” he continued. “I know some of the most successful businessmen in the world, and some of them are the most miserable people in the world,” Trump Jr. added, without naming names.

He added he loved the fact the Indian public never wavers even in the face of “real hardships” and takes on challenges with a smile on their faces.

He said he found it refreshing to see such optimism and positivity from a country dealing with a spectrum of issues.

Trump Jr., who is scheduled to appear at a business summit in New Delhi later this week, may have tried and even succeeded in flattering a huge segment of the Indian public, but if this is a marketing strategy, it could be slightly off target because he will not be selling a lot of condos to “the poorest of the poor.”

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters, Adnan Abidi

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