Trump Jr. Shares Bizarre POTUS Picture, Calls Him ‘Freedom Bae’

After destroying the term “lit,” Trump Jr. has come after yet another millennial term and the result is cringe-worthy.

In yet another cringe-worthy attempt at “embracing” millennial culture, first son Donald Trump Jr. may have ruined the term “bae” for everyone.

On the Fourth of July, Trump Jr. posted a cartoon depicting President Donald Trump as none other than the very popular “Salt Bae.” The internet-famed Turkish chef became a worldwide sensation for his extravagant and unique style of salting his steaks, rightfully earning him the title.

However, as all good things come to an end, Trump Jr. took it upon himself to ruin a perfectly fine meme for the internet.

In the spirit of Independence Day, the first son posted a cartoon on his Instagram account, titled “Freedom Bae,” which starred none other than his own father. “Just sprinkling a bit of freedom for all of us to enjoy,” it said.


He also added his use of the millennial term was no accident. He was, in fact, “taking out” pop culture terms.

Trump Jr. recently also came after the word “lit” and successfully destroyed it.



“Lit” is usually used to describe something really exciting, however, why Trump Jr. thought it was appropriate to use it to refer to Justice Anthony Kennedy retiring is as yet a mystery. What’s not a mystery, is internet users’ mourning over the maceration of the term.





But “Freedom Bae” wasn’t the last of Trump Jr.’s Instagram posts. He posted another highly doctored image of the president, exclaiming “This is amazing.”

In the image, Trump holds a firearm in one and bald eagle on another hand, with the American flag fluttering behind him.

It appears Trump Jr.’s failed attempts at becoming part of the “pop culture” are not going to subside anytime soon.

Thumbnail/ Banner Credits: REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

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