Trump Defends Publicizing Bill Clinton's Infidelity: Hillary’s A Rival

In response to allegations that Trump doesn’t respect women, Trump has found a new strategy: publicize his rival’s husband’s personal life.

It’s been a difficult week for Donald Trump after his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton destroyed him during the first presidential debate of the year.

Trump was left fuming with frustration as he struggled to defend his long and documented history of disrespecting women.

And it’s not just the media mogul — his surrogates are also having a pretty bad time defending their nominee’s misogyny on news channels.

So Trump came up with a new strategy to deflect criticism over his character: mud-slinging on his rival’s husband’s former scandals.

Despite the fact that some of Trump’s staunchest supporters, such as Newt Gingrich, are against publicizing Bill Clinton’s infidelities and related accusations, the boorish billionaire has decided to go forth with the plan.

And he thinks it’s OK, well, because Clinton’s said pretty “horrible things” about him during debates — almost all of which are true, by the way.

Trump defended his decision to invoke Monica Lewinsky during an interview with New England Cable News.

In the video, Trump calmly explains playing dirty is fair because Bill Clinton’s wife has said “horrible and false things” about him.

Watch he complete answer in the video above.

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