Trump Wanted To Reschedule Meeting With Kim Because He was Bored

“We’re here now. Why can’t we just do it?” said the president, who had reached Singapore early for the summit, before being advised otherwise by his staffers.

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump, in typical fashion, tried to change the schedule of his high-stakes summit with North Korean despot Kim Jong Un just because he felt like it.

According to a report by the Washington Post, Trump, who flew into Singapore directly after the G7 summit in Quebec, reached the venue two days before the summit’s decided date. He then reportedly wanted the meeting to take place as soon as he arrived because he was bored.

“We’re here now. Why can’t we just do it?” Trump reportedly said.

The POTUS was only convinced against rescheduling the summit after staffers told him he would get much less media coverage if the date were to be changed at the final moment.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders reportedly had a hand in changing Trump’s mind after they said about 2,500 reporters, who were to cover the summit, had yet to arrive at the venue.

The convincing apparently worked, since the highly televised summit took placed on June 12, like it was supposed to.

As a result, the two leaders signed a joint agreement, with rather vague promises of denuclearization (if any). Later Trump announced he would halt military exercises in the Korean peninsula with South Korea in a bid to stop “war games,” a decision that blindsided Seoul officials as well as U.S. officials at the Pentagon.

Trump may have changed his mind about changing the date of the summit but his dislike of the free press remained the same.

The president couldn’t hold himself from aiming a jab at free press, reportedly fawning over Kim Jong Un’s media coverage by the North Korean press, that is run and owned by the Kim dictatorship. He reportedly said the Korean media was much kinder to Kim than American press was to their president.

According to the post, Trump said the North Korean press was even kinder than Fox News was to his administration. In fact, the president was so impressed by prominent news presenter Ri Chun-hee, he even jokingly offered her a job in America.

Sadly for Trump, North Koreans aren’t allowed to leave the country as easily by the very regime he now so extensively praises.

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