Trump Doesn't Know How Old The Parents Of Korean War Vets Really Are

Trump claimed people asked him to bring back their sons' remains who served in the Korean War. The war ended in 1953. Let's do the math.


One of the many, still undisclosed things, President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un agreed upon during the summit in Singapore was to recover the remains of the U.S. military personnel from the Korean War.

Thousands of U.S. military personnel remain unaccounted for. There are an estimated 5300 American service members missing whose remains are believed to be in what is now North Korea.

During an interview with Fox News, Trump discussed the clause, however, he made one preposterous statement that left many on Twitter wondering if he even knows when the war started.

"The soldier that died in Korea, their remains are gonna be coming back home," Trump began. "And we have thousands of people that have asked for that. Thousands and thousands of people. So many people asked when I was on the campaign... when you can, president, we'd love our son to be brought back home. You know, the remains."

Now, a lot of people on Twitter are wondering where did these "thousands and thousands" of parents of vets come from since the Korean War ended in 1953.

Some are even doing the math:







The analysis brought users to the conclusion Trump probably lied about speaking to the parents of the Korean War vets.


And that Trump might not be the right person to negotiate a deal with a dictator like Kim Jong Un.


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