How Latinos & Blacks Will Have The ‘Time Of Their Life’ Under Trump

There’s a long list of incidents that can help you understand how the world would be for members of the Latino and African-American communities under a Trump presidency.

After telling minority communities that they have “nothing to lose,” Donald Trump jubilantly declared during a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire how Latinos and African-Americans will have the “time of their life” when — and if ever  he is elected the next president.

“African-American citizens and Latino citizens will have the time of their life because we are going to create jobs like you’ve never seen,” the Republican candidate said.

While one can’t be 100 percent sure of what life would be like for different minorities under a much-dreaded Trump presidency, people have an ever-growing list of instances of how they are treated during Trump’s rallies and at the hands of his protesters.

For instance, Latinos or African-Americans who disagree with Trump or his backers have been punched, pushed, dragged, shoved, humiliated and spat at various campaign events.

And Trump has never, to this day, ever explicitly denounced his backers’ antics. In fact, he has praised them.

Then there’s the candidate’s white supremacist fan-following that seems to be gaining momentum with each passing day.

Have a glimpse at how life would be for Latinos and blacks in the video above.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Reuters

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