Donald Trump's Love For Hispanics Is As Authentic As A Taco Bowl

By associating a historically significant holiday with something as trivial as food, Donald Trump has yet again demonstrated his blatant disregard for Mexican culture.

After spending nearly a year insulting the Hispanic community inside and outside of the United States, Donald Trump posted the following tweet on the occasion of Cinco de Mayo:


A lot of people believe Trump posted the tweet in an attempt to appease Latino voters, now that he is the presumptive Republican presidential nominee (and spent a large chunk of primary season insulting them).

However, that might be the case.

The taco photo is yet another demonstration of Trump’s insensitivity toward Mexican, and Hispanic, culture in general.

For those unaware, Cinco de Mayo is a celebration held on May 5 to commemorate the Battle of Puebla — when a small Mexican army defeated the much bigger French army in 1862.

It’s a day of great historical significance in Mexican culture — the day when Mexicans resisted imperialism and won.  

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While it's true that many choose to celebrate this important holiday with food, dancing, and a few drinks, Trump's unauthentic "taco bowl" (that's about as authentic as Taco Bell itself) and his "I love Hispanics!" tagline left a bad taste in everyone's mouth.

Shortly after Trump tweeted the controversial photo, Janet Murguia, president of the National Council of La Raza, the nation’s largest Hispanic civil rights organization, criticized it as “clueless, offensive and self-promoting.”


Even if Trump’s tweet was a bid to appease Latino voters instead of a sarcastic nod at his racist bigotry in the past, it is way too late to do that.

As per a survey released last month by America’s Voice and Latino Decisions, 48 percent of Hispanic voters stated they were more willing to vote in November’s election than they were in 2012 because a majority of them want to vote against Trump.



And that’s bad news for Trump because, even though he is the presumptive GOP nominee, he still needs to woo voters to his side in the remaining primaries — and if this is the best he can do to try to make up for his previous insults, Hillary Clinton may only need to sit back and let him continue to dig his own political grave.

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