Trump’s Lawyer Says There’s An 'African-American' Problem In The US

Michael Cohen's heated exchange with CNN’s Brianna Keilar provided us with one of the best moments in the campaign so far when Cohen had to face facts.

Donald Trump's aide Michael Cohen had some really uncomfortable 16 minutes on CNN with anchor Brianna Keilar, during which he said a lot of things, especially about race relations, that will probably come back to haunt him for days to come.

In fact, the interview quickly turned awkward in the first 20 seconds with Cohen accusing Keilar of using terms like “shakeup” to describe the Republican nominee’s latest attempt to reboot his campaign.

"There's no shake-up. Look at the words that you use and you blast at the bottom of your banner. Shake-up, overhaul, dramatic, desperate measures. There are no desperate measures,” said a visibly infuriated Cohen.

Later, the interview entered its painfully hilarious phase when Keilar told Cohen about Trump’s lagging polls and all Cohen could say to her was: “Says who?”

Then came the part when Keilar pointed out how the Trump campaign’s delayed its appeal to the African-American community (while addressing a mostly-white crowd) and other minorities, to which Cohen responded — again visibly irritated  by using a particularly ill-phrased sentence.

“It is certainly an issue  the African-American problem in this country," Cohen stated, referring to Trump’s law and order speech in Milwaukee in the wake of the fatal shooting of a 23-year-old black man named Sylville Smith and subsequent unrest.

Quickly realizing he just said something incredibly problematic, the red-faced attorney tried to clarify his previous statement: "What I meant to say is the problem that exists in the African-American community.”

Equally appallingly obnoxious was Cohen’s rationale that he provided to explain why Trump doesn’t discriminate between people of different races, “white, black, brown and yellow,” because the billionaire businessman is colorblind.

(No kidding.)

You can watch the entire exchange in the video below:

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