CNN Unearths Two More Videos Of Trump Entertaining Playboy Models

The videos show the fat-shaming media mogul photographing women with a Polaroid camera and interviewing a potential Playmate.

Donald Trump

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump used to be somewhat of a regular in Playboy videos.

After the boisterous billionaire slut-shamed former Miss Universe Alicia Machado for participating in a non-existent “sex tape,” BuzzFeed revealed it was actually Trump who had appeared in a softcore porn video.

The 2000 clip showed Trump breaking a champagne bottle on a Playboy-branded limousine to welcome the playmates visiting New York City.

“Beauty is beauty, and let's see what happens with New York,” he said in the footage.

On Wednesday, CNN reported the body-shaming billionaire made cameos in at least two more softcore porn videos, including a 1994 tape titled "Playboy Centerfold," which showed the GOP candidate photographing models with a Polaroid camera.

Not just that, he also interviewed a potential model as part of Playboy magazine's search for its 40th anniversary centerfold.

"I believe that it's not just beauty, I think it's an attitude," the model reportedly said after Trump asked for her best Playmate qualities. "I think it has a lot to do with personality and an attitude. I think Playboy really represents that, and I believe that I have that, and I have what it takes to represent them."

"I think you have what it takes too," Trump responded. "And I think everyone in this room thinks you have what it takes also."

Much like the previous video, the scenes featuring the White House hopeful contain nudity or “sexually explicit content,” according to CNN. However, “other scenes in the movie depict fully nude women.”

Senior photo editor for Playboy, Jeff Cohen, said the magazine was shooting in New York at the time and they thought using Trump would be good for their publicity.

“We sat around and decided, ‘Let’s launch the search in New York City,'” recalled. “Obviously, the media capital. We’ll get a lot of press, we’ll get TV, we’ll get radio. What’s the best way to do that? Aha, I know, we’re gonna ask Donald Trump whether he would come and photograph, do the test pictures, of the first girl that comes in.’ And that’s basically what we did.”

The other tape obtained by the network is from 2001, featuring the former reality TV star backstage at a Playboy fashion show with two Playmates as well as his then-girlfriend and now wife, Melania Knauss.

It is also pertinent to mention that Trump’s own party has dubbed pornography “a public health crisis.”

Classy, indeed.

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