Trump Is Worried Democrats Will 'Raid' Socialism To Pay For Socialism

Trump accused Democrats of wanting to "raid Medicare to pay for socialism."



President Donald Trump made a campaign stop at Evansville, Indiana, and endorsed Republican Mike Braun, a businessman, in the upcoming Senate election race against Democratic challenger Sen. Joe Donnelly.

The rally included the usual boasts and rants such as the president taking credit for making the current U.S. economy the best in the "history of our country," which, by the way, is not true. At all. He also slammed the Justice Department in light of his ongoing feud with Attorney-General Jeff Sessions. And, of course, the president railed against "fake news."

However, as is tradition, Trump made at least one comment during his rambling speech that left many scratching their heads. He suggested the country needed to stop Democrats because they want to disrupt in order to replace Medicare with socialism.

“They want to raid Medicare to pay for socialism,” Trump said as the crowd expressed agreement via loud boos.

 “Somehow I don’t see Indiana being the next Venezuela,” he added. “That’s what would happen too.”

Fearmongering by citing countries that are not the United States of America as examples is a signature move out Trump's playbook. However, many people on Twitter were left baffled after realizing Trump probably does not understand the concepts of Medicare and socialism since Medicare, being a social security benefit, is a form of socialism.

The statement was reminiscent of another recent gaffe by Trump at a rally when he suggested you need to show ID before purchasing groceries. At the time, people wondered if Trump had even set foot inside a grocery store.

Anyway, his Medicare/socialism remark at Evansville prompted a lot of people to point out how the two concepts were not really different:








The GOP's large tax cuts will slow down the flow of money going into Medicare, a program that enrolls over 60 million people. It's even more alarming considering how Trump, on his campaign trail, had repeatedly promised to make Medicare, among other programs, great again.

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