Donald Trump Still Hasn't Addressed This Terrorist Attack In Minnesota

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton called on the community to unite against such attacks. It appears President Donald Trump didn't receive the message.

On Aug. 5, a Minneapolis mosque was hit by an early-morning explosion.

The police found a bomb that was thrown through the window of the imam's office at the Dar Al Farooq mosque just as worshipers had started to gather for morning prayers.

Fortunately, no one was injured.

As the authorities launched an investigation into the incident, Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton called the bombing of the mosque "an act of terrorism" during a visit to the site. He also called on people to unite against such attacks.

"What a terrible, dastardly, cowardly act was committed," he said. "It is a criminal act of terrorism."

Now consider this: It has been nearly three days since a terrorist attack occurred in a U.S. state and the country's president still hasn't said a word about it.

In fact, far from denouncing the attack as an act of terror or offer support to the affected community, President Donald Trump hasn't even used his favorite platform of communication — Twitter — to acknowledge the fact that an explosion occurred in Minnesota.

And it's not as if Trump has not been active on social media meanwhile. Since then, he's tweeted about:

North Korea sanctions:


Washington leaks:


Fake news:


Sen. Richard Blumenthal:



His base:


However, somehow, Trump just didn't find the time to address the mosque attack.

While it's a let-down for the Muslim community, it's hardly surprising. Over the past six months, Trump has delayed, more than once, his statements to address targeted violence against religious communities like Sikhs and Muslims — especially the ones that were carried out by white suspects.

That said, even if Trump's indifference toward hate crimes against ethnic and religious minorities has become the norm, it shouldn't be.

He is the president of the United States and all its people — it's about time he started acting like one.

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