Trump Receives HUGE Welcome Home In NY, Despite His Bigotry

After spreading messages of sexism, bigotry and violence across the country, Donald Trump finally reached his home state – were thousands were waiting to cheer him.

Donald Trump

What’s far more dangerous than one person spewing hate against men, women and racial and ethnic minorities?

A crowd of thousands of people passionately agreeing with that person.

That’s exactly what happened in Long Island, New York, where more than 15,000 people had gathered to support Donald Trump who brought his presidential campaign to his home state this week, following a crushing defeat in the Wisconsin primary.


Grumman Studios was overflowing with Trump’s supporters as the loud-mouthed billionaire took the stage to carry on with his incendiary rhetoric about building walls and kicking people out.

But his words aren’t really the main problem anymore.

The fact that thousands of people responded with chants of “build that wall” – an apparent reference to Trump’s notorious proposal to build a wall with Mexico – is an issue.

Trump rallygoers chant, 'Build the wall'

Attendees at a New York rally chanted, "Build the wall!" during Donald J. Trump's first speech since his #WisconsinPrimary loss."We are going to build the wall," he said.

Posted by CNN on Wednesday, April 6, 2016


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The massive rally was Trump’s first in New York ahead of the April 19 primary. One would think that after seeing him incite violence, harm and hate in previously-visited states would provide a better view to the Empire State of his tendency to create chaos and lure people away from his campaigns.

However, as it turned out, it didn’t happen.

What Trump received, instead, was a hero’s welcome. The Long Island crowd was one of the largest crowds the boorish media mogul has managed to assemble in his campaign so far.

“He is going to get America back to where it was when it was still respected,” Teresa Fisher, a 54-year-old attendee told the New York Post. “First of all, he’s going to close the border and get people what they need.”

“Many people don’t realize the entire Western civilization is under attack,” a 21-year-old supporter told Observer. “You see it with the Syrian refugee crisis, and with our porous border—it’s a deliberate effort to completely introduce a voter base that’s loyal to one party and one ideology.”

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Trump, before he entered the presidential race, was as racist and xenophobic as he is now. The only thing that made him unstoppable and potentially dangerous for the society is when people started supporting him in huge numbers.

Standing alone on the stage in front of a microphone, Trump isn’t a threat, but the (over)15,000-strong crowd, wildly applauding his speeches, is.

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