Trump Threatens Charges Against Reporter Assaulted By Campaign Manager

Funny how that memory only surfaced after Trump's campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was charged with battery.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is now threatening legal action against former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields who filed charges against the front-runner's campaign manager for allegedly grabbing her so hard at a press conference she was left with bruises. 

In response to campaign manager Corey Lewandowski's misdemeanor charge over the incident, Trump is accusing Fields of prompting the physical confrontation by touching Trump first. 

“ Well, what’s clear is that she was touching me and she broke through the Secret Service. And she was asking me questions when there were no questions…we were leaving, the press conference was over,"  Trump told "Good Morning America" on Wednesday. "She broke through, she grabbed my arm, I think a couple of times. You see me trying to get her hand off my arm and he saw something and did…very minor..Her face wasn’t that of a woman screaming in pain…He didn’t try to throw her to the ground."

"I'm sure there will be a counter-claim coming down the line," Trump added. "Should I file charges against her because she touched my arm as well?"


The real estate tycoon's defensive response is the epitome of victim-blaming.

Along with being a serial liar, bigot, racist and misogynistic, Donald Trump is apparently also very skilled in the notorious art of victim blaming.

The billionaire business mogul, in his usual boorish fashion, reacted to the arrest and misdemeanor battery charges against his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski by lashing out on former Breitbart staffer Michelle Fields, the journalist who accused Lewandowski of grabbing and pushing her during a campaign event.

“She was actually — if you look at her  and according to a lot of people  she's grabbing at me,” Trump told the media during a press conference on Tuesday. "And [Corey's] acting as an intermediary and trying to block her from doing that. The news conference was over. It was done. It was finished. And she was running up and grabbing and asking questions. And she wasn't supposed to be doing that.”


Yes, the presidential candidate is only now remembering the fact that Fields was actually grabbing at him. He even went on to suggest the bruises on the reporter’s arm came from somewhere else.

“She wasn't pulled down,” he continued. “She doesn't even change her expression. I looked at the tape. And by the way, if he was that way, I would have fired him in two seconds. I wouldn't care. I couldn't have cared less. But I looked at the tape. There's not even a change of expression on her face. And I look at the Internet, and you take a look at the tweets and people are saying, you got to be kidding me.”

Also, since the verbal victim-blaming wasn’t enough, the business mogul resorted to pull out a trick reminiscent of '90s detective shows by tweeting out an enlarged screen-grab from the footage of the assault, to prove his absurd point.



Ironically, he also criticized Fields for changing her tune, when he is the one coming up with bizarre new tactics to attack her.


Meanwhile, here is a frame-by-frame footage of Lewandowski grabbing the reporter.

Watch Donald Trump’s complete press conference in the video below:

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