Reminder: Trump Once Said He Would Refuse A Presidential Salary

Donald Trump once said that if elected president, he would gladly forego his salary. But is that possible for a businessman like him?

President-elect Donald Trump promised to do a few unbelievable things once he is in the Oval Office.

From building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and making Mexico pay for it, to getting all immigrants out of the country, he plans to do it all.

Last September, the orange-haired business mogul also boasted that if elected the next president, he would not accept any money in the form of presidential salary.

"I won't take even one dollar. I'm totally giving up my salary if I become president," he said in a video posted to his Twitter account.

He also vowed to not accept any outside funding for his campaign, but failed to live up to his words.


To expect a businessman like Trump to forego his salary is really a long shot, but only time will tell if he manages to live up to this and all those other promises he’s made.

If he really doesn’t take the $400,000 salary he is due once in the White House, America could use that cash for the benefit of the masses.

For now, the United States is experiencing an array of reactions as thousands of people have taken to the streets to protest the Trump’s victory. Using the hashtag #NotMyPresident, a vast number of Americans are refusing to accept the former reality TV star as their commander in chief.

However, others are optimistically looking forward to the changes he will bring to “Make America Great Again.”

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