Sister Of Slain Chapel Hill Victims Challenges Donald Trump

Will Trump rise to the challenge instead of protecting himself with adoring fans and softball questions from reporters?

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump never misses a chance to promise he'll be tough on terrorists. Whether it's waterboarding (just a minor bit of torture, according to The Donald) or killing Muslims with bullets dipped in pig's blood, Trump has grand ideas. 

Trump's bombastic rhetoric dires ire almost every time he opens his mouth, and one young woman decided to do something about it.

Suzanne Barakat is the sister of Deah Barakat, who was shot with his wife Yusor Abu-Salha and her sister, Razan Abu-Salha in the Chapel Hill shooting in February 2015. Barakat tweeted the following:


Barakat and Abu-Salha had only been married two months when they were shot. They were both dentistry students.

Their neighbor Craig Hicks turned himself in to police the same day. He has been charged with three accounts of murder, and the motive behind the attack hasn’t been identified yet.

“Trump speaks as if he is the authority on American Muslims,” Barakat told The New York Times. “Well, if you mean it then call me up and meet with me and let’s have a chat.”

The tweet was posted on Feb. 20, and surprisingly, Trump has not yet responded to it. It is about time the presidential candidate took some responsibility for the inflammatory remarks he makes against Muslims and other minorities in the United States.

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