Black Republican Quits, Says Trump’s Racism Fuels A ‘Race War’

“President Trump picked this fight with the NFL players in order to throw red meat to his base,” said the former Republican.

President Donald Trump’s destructive xenophobia is now costing him members of his own party.

The Rev. O’Neal Dozier recently announced in an editorial his decision to leave the Republican Party all thanks to Trump’s racist rhetoric’s on white supremacists and the entire NFL protest saga.

“For the last 30 years, I have been a faithful and dedicated member of the Republican Party,” Dozier wrote in the South Florida Times. “But now, I am announcing that I am leaving the Republican Party to become an Independent because I can no longer with good conscience remain a member of a political party that is headed by President Donald Trump.”

Dozier, who served as a co-chairman for Rick Santorum's 2010 presidential campaign, wrote that Trump “refuses to denounce these hateful groups because he believes they are part of his voting base and they helped him to become president,” and has failed to condemn those groups the way other Republican presidents have done in the past.

Dozier’s assessment is completely on point, especially after the commander-in-chief blamed both sides for a violent white supremacist rally held in Charlottesville, Virginia. His insensitive remarks faced a lot of criticism, and rightly so.

It is pertinent to note how white supremacists in the United States have been emboldened by the election of Trump. His campaign last year drew their support and that of other right-wing groups, despite his disavowals of them.

POTUS casually incites racism and xenophobia, calls out people with disrespectful names and has been championing the cause of restricting the rights of minorities.

“President Trump’s past and present actions and attitude towards black people are causing white people and the Republican Party to become more insensitive to the plight of black people,” Dozier wrote.

“President Trump picked this fight with the NFL players in order to throw red meat to his base,” he continued. “He will feed his base anything he thinks they like in order to keep them on his plantation. He knows exactly what they like and don’t like.”

The former Republican charged Trump with heightening racial tensions and fueling “the potential for a race war in America.”

Trump’s “ungodly character and personality is corrupting, redefining and destroying the Republican Party,” Dozier explained, and as such, he can no longer count himself among their membership.

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