Trump Rejects ‘Inconvenient’ Security Protocols On WH-Issued Phones

Senior officials fear Trump’s refusal to have security features on White House-issued iPhones “could pose significant risks to the country.”


It seems President Donald Trump doesn’t want anyone to keep tabs on his cellphones, as he has reportedly rejected the White House protocols meant to keep the devices secure.

According to a report by Politico, two administration officials revealed the commander-in-chief carries two iPhones– one for making calls and other for posting his erratic tweets and browsing purposes.

Both of these smartphones have been reportedly issued by the White House Information Technology and the White House Communications Agency. These devices are supposed to have certain features, like camera, disabled and be inspected on a regular basis.

But just like so many other matters, the commander-in-chief appears negligent about the security of the cellphones too, the report claimed.

Aides reportedly pushed the president to rotate his Twitter-dedicated iPhone every month, but to no avail. Trump purportedly denied any such request of advanced security features because it seemed “too inconvenient,” revealed an official.

Nate Jones, the former director of counterterrorism on the National Security Council, fears Trump’s denial to listen to his aides “could pose significant risks to the country.”

Jones’ concern is indeed legitimate as the phone the president uses for calling purposes still reportedly has camera and microphone installed, which are prime targets for  hackers and pose a risk of crucial information getting into the hands of adversaries.

Moreover, Trump’s resistance to impose tougher phone security is in direct contrast from what the past administrations have been doing in terms of getting the White House-issued devices examined. Even former President Barack Obama got his devices checked by the telecommunication staffers every month.

In addition, the report stated the president had gone for “as long as five month” without getting his phones examined by a security expert.

However, the GPS capabilities are deactivated from both the devices.

The news outlet further speculated Trump is probably adamant about abiding by a very basic security requirement because he might think such examinations would hinder his ability to tweet or contact his friends freely.

The White House declined to comment on the matter.

However, just recently it proposed banning staffers from using their personal cellphones at work in an effort to crackdown on leakers after series of damaging leaks hit the headlines.

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