Donald Trump Responds To Kim Jong-Un’s Nuclear Threat With A Tweet

President-elect Donald Trump once again took to social media to make an important foreign policy statement — this time about North Korea.

Donald Trump

In a televised New Year’s Day speech, North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un dramatically declared that his isolated country is on the brink of testing its first intercontinental ballistic missile, which could be supposedly equipped with nuclear warheads and is powerful enough to target any part of the United States.

“Research and development of cutting edge arms equipment is actively progressing and ICBM rocket test launch preparation is in its last stage,” Kim said.

Despite the fact that North Korean leader has habit of bragging about his nuclear program and made baseless claims about its military arsenal, President-elect Donald Trump felt compelled to comment on the situation.

As if that wasn’t troubling enough, the billionaire business mogul decided to chide the hermit kingdom the only way he knows: He tweeted about it.


The incoming commander-in-chief then took aim at China, claiming the communist nation was not doing anything to help the U.S. cope with the hermit kingdom.


To put it simply, it was a stupid move, and Twitter was quick to slam Trump for his penchant to deal with issues regarding foreign affairs on social media.










Some also drew comparisons between the two leaders.



“I think North Korea will probably test the KN-08 (intercontinental ballistic missile) this year, no matter what Trump tweets,” Jeffrey Lewis, director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program (EANP) told CNN, calling the president-elect’s tweets “foolish, but probably harmless.”

Meanwhile, in an earlier statement, the Pentagon urged the world to “use every available channel and means of influence” to show North Korea that the use of ballistic missile technology was unacceptable.

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