From China To NATO To Syria, Trump Pulls 180-Degree Turn On Promises

Trump was willing to say anything to get election. Now reality is hitting him, and his promises, hard.

President Donald Trump, throughout his candidacy and presidency, has been quite vocal about his opinions on many issues facing the United States.

He has often talked about building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, bringing jobs back to America, making American and buying American, and deporting undocumented immigrants, among many other things.

However, as infamous as Trump is for airing his opinions, he is as notorious for backtracking on them.

Most recently, he discussed his opinions on NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), China, Russia, Syrian, Janet Yellen, and the Export-Import Bank — taking a U-turn almost all of these topics.

The most shocking, though, was what he said about NATO.


President Trump, for over a year, insisted the military alliance was outdated and obsolete and just unnecessarily added to the expenses of the U.S. He then suggested replacing it with another organization that would tend to the needs of today, such as counter-terrorism.

In a recent press conference with Jens Stoltenberg, the secretary general of NATO, the president made an unexpected statement when he said the alliance had made changes and “now they do fight terrorism.” Making things worse he added, "I said it was obsolete. It's no longer obsolete.”

The changes Trump is talking about remain unclear because the only change that actually occurred was the addition of a new assistant secretary general position in July 2016. Authorities claim this didn’t make much of a difference to the organization and its performance.


Moving on, during his presidential campaign, the Republican candidate promised to label China a currency manipulator on his first day in office. But, again, in a sudden turn of events, the POTUS went back on his words and on his 83rd day in office said that Beijing is not manipulating its currency.

"They're not currency manipulators," he said.


Russia has also been an important point of discussion throughout Trump’s campaign and even post-inauguration. There have been many rumors of his connections with Russian President Vladimir Putin and whether Moscow meddled in the U.S. elections.

Trump further fueled the rumors by delivering statements like the U.S. needs to associate more with Russia.

In his latest statement, Trump went back on his words and claimed the U.S. might be at an “all-time low” with Russia. "Right now we are not getting along with Russia at all," he said recently.


Next, when talking about Syria, Trump said it was time to end Syria's "brutal" civil war. He also labeled the country’s President Bashar Al-Assad a "butcher” and asked NATO allies to "work together to resolve the disaster" in the war-torn country.

However, his comments came only days after his administration allowed the Assad regime to retain control of the nation. The conflicting reactions have prompted legitimate questions as to what exactly it is that Trump plans to do as far as Syria is concerned.

Previously, Trump said attacking Syria was a bad idea:



Janet Yellen:

Yellen, chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, also came under Trump's fire during the campaign. The business mogul accused her of manipulating interest rates to assist former President Barack Obama politically.

However, on April 12, when The Wall Street Journal asked the president if he was considering replacing Yellen when her term expires, he said, "I like her. I respect her. It's very early."

Export-Import Bank:

Lastly, Trump also told the WSJ he supports the Export-Import Bank, an agency that subsidizes U.S. exports. But on his campaign trail, the POTUS opposed the bank, calling it "feather bedding."

"I don't like it because I don't think it's necessary,” he said in 2015.  

In his recent interview Trump said, "It turns out that, first of all, lots of small companies are really helped. "Instinctively, you would say 'Isn't that a ridiculous thing’…. But actually, it's a very good thing."

All in all, Trump seems to be very confused about his stance on various issues. It’s tragic, though, since he is the president of the United States, the leader of the free world, and it is about time he realizes that he cannot keep chopping and changing his words depending on the situation. 

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