Rudy Giuliani As Confused As His Boss Over Illegal Immigrants

If you find Donald Trump’s yo-yoing on his stance on deportation super confusing, you should hear former NYC mayor and Trump adviser Rudy Giuliani trying to defend his boss.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been all about deportation, and kicking undocumented immigrants out of the country has always been a big part of his version of to "make America great again."

Though Trump’s stance on deportation has allegedly softened recently, he still assured his supporters that criminal undocumented immigrants would be removed from the United States within the first hour of his presidency.

So when CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Trump surrogate Rudy Giuliani what happens to the millions of remaining non-criminal immigrants in light of the recent yo-yoing  in the candidate’s stance, he probably expected some clarification.

Now, imagine Tapper’s bewilderment when Giuliani went on to explain all the ways the Trump campaign would deport millions of people.

“I just want to understand what you’re saying here. So Mr. Trump will not be trying to kick out the Dreamers, he will not be having a deportation force, and he would no longer want to get all 11 million undocumented immigrants out of this country?”

Here’s Giuliani’s response:

“What he said in the speech is, after we secure the border and after we remove the criminal illegal immigrants to a large extent — you’re never going to get to 100% — then and only then can we look at this in a very rational way in which we can look at all the options and be open to all the options.”

When asked whether Trump would deport parents of children who were born in the United States, Giuliani said Trump wouldn’t separate families  but of course, there will be exceptions.

“It depends on the person,” he said. “Some of these people could have been on welfare for the last 30 years, or taking benefits, or cheating. And maybe some of them have to be thrown out. But not necessarily all of them.”

So, will he or won't he?

What encompasses “taking benefits” or “cheating”?

It’s hard to explain and even harder to understand  even by the Republican camp, apparently.





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