Trump Bashed Saudi Arabia While Registering 8 Companies In The Country

A new report claims Trump registered eight new companies during his presidential campaign that “appear tied to a potential hotel project in Saudi Arabia.”

Donald Trump

Throughout his presidential campaign, Donald Trump accused the Saudi Arabia — along with various other foreign governments of countries like Mexico, China and Japan — of “ripping off” America.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Trump registered eight companies that “appear tied to a potential hotel project in Saudi Arabia,” The Washington Post reports. Four of the eight companies were active as of May.

The companies were registered in August 2015, under names such as THC Jeddah Hotel and DT Jeddah Technical Services, according to the financial disclosure.

Interestingly, the same month, here’s what Trump said during a "Meet the Press" exchange with host Chuck Todd:

“Saudi Arabia, if it weren’t for us, they wouldn’t be here. They wouldn’t exist. They should pay us. Like it or don’t like it, people have backed Saudi Arabia. What I really mind, though, is we back it at tremendous expense. We get nothing for it.”

Fast forward to March 2016, here’s what the then-Republican presidential frontrunner stated during an interview with The New York Times:

"Without us, Saudi Arabia wouldn't exist for very long. It would be, you know, a catastrophic failure without our protection. They're a money machine... and yet they don't reimburse us the way we should be reimbursed."

Also, it’s important to mention here that Trump, during the course of his campaign, often demanded his Democratic presidential rival, Hillary Clinton, return $25 million the Clinton Foundation reportedly received from Saudi Arabia.

This essentially means that at the same time as the media mogul spouted insults for Saudi Arabia and maligned his rival for alleged financial dealings with the Gulf kingdom, he did not seem to mind doing business there himself.

And this man will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States in January.

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