Day 39: Trump Finally Realizes Health Care Policies Are Complicated

Literally any single health care expert or politician in Washington, no matter Democrat or Republican, could have told President Donald Trump that.



In case you needed another reminder President Donald Trump has no clue what he is doing, here is one stark example.

Ahead of the his first address to a joint session of Congress on the issue of the Affordable Care Act, which he and his administration are hell-bent on repealing, the commander-in-chief spoke to a group of health insurers and nation’s governors to tease the idea that he has come up with a plan to replace the Obama-era health care policy.

However, Trump’s statement was anything but reassuring.

In fact, it reaffirmed the belief that despite what they claim, the Republicans do not have an Obamacare replacement in place — or at least one that would be acceptable to the American public.

“We have come up with a solution that’s really, really I think very good,” he began, before proceeding to say nothing about his supposed solution. “Now I have to tell you, it’s an unbelievably complex subject. Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated.”

Spoiler alert: Everybody knew.

Trump could have literally asked any single person who has worked on health care policies to determine how “unbelievably complex” it was. And if he didn’t want to talk to public servants, he could’ve just asked any politician in Washington, Democrat or Republican, to figure this out.

Former President Barack Obama and Trump’s Democratic rival Hillary Clinton spoke about these complications of the health care system for ages. Perhaps if the Republicans — and Trump — were not busy whining about Obamacare and slamming Obama, they would have noticed this detail.

Also, if it took the business mogul 39 days to only figure out how complicated health care was, how long do you think it will take him to actually formulate a proposal and unveil it to the nation?

It’s depressing to even think about.

However, on the other hand, the fact Trump has finally conceded to what his predecessor said means he has finally begun to pay attention, although minimally, to important issues.

Meanwhile, as if his statement above wasn’t embarrassing enough to demonstrate his lack of guidance and general knowledge about policy matters, Trump then went on to explain that he has to get the health care sorted out before he can go ahead with tax reform.

“I can’t do it until we do health care, because we have to know what the health care is going to cost and — statutorily — that’s the way it is,” the president continued. “So for those people who say, ‘Oh, gee, I wish we could do the tax first,’ it just doesn’t work that way. I would like to do the tax first.”

As Vox pointed out, there is no statutory requirement for the administration to delay works on tax reform because of health care.

Trump also said overhauling the American tax system was a “tiny little ant” compared with what needs to be done in order to restructure the ACA, which, according to him is a “failed disaster” that's “no longer affordable.”

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