Desperate For Votes, Trump Attempts Speaking Hindi In New Ad

This newest Indian ad featuring Donald Trump speaking Hindi is another desperate attempt at attracting Indian-American voters.

We’ve seen Donald Trump make children cry, make sexist comments, express his hatred for Muslims, Mexicans and women, and pull off all sorts of other antics in hopes of winning the presidential election.

However, his newest stunt trumps all of the above.


A new Indian ad featuring the orange-haired business mogul is proof enough that the liar, xenophobe, racist and misogynist is willing to do anything and everything to get a few extra votes.

The video is Trump’s desperate attempt at reaching out to Indian-American votes. With Indian music playing in the background and Diwali celebrations underway, the Republican presidential nominee says “Ab ki baar Trump sarkaar” which translates to, "this time, we're with Trump's government." 

The ad also includes part of his speech from a recent charity concert in New Jersey where he said, “We love the Hindus, We love India.”

Shalabh Kumar, the chair of Trump’s Indian-American advisory committee and the founder and head of the Republican Hindu Coalition, claimed the ad is being aired almost 20 times a day on 20 national television networks — including Zee TV USA and TV Asia.

"He's the only candidate who has ever spoken Hindi," Kumar boasted of Trump.

Kumar also revealed that the ad is Trump’s strategy to attract Indian-American voters, particularly Hindus from three keys states, Florida, Ohio and North Carolina.

Over the years, most Indian-Americans have voted for Democratic candidates. Trump has widely spoken against immigrants and discussed plans of deporting them, and now his claims of “We love Hindus” sounds fishy, to say the least.

Hopefully, Indian-Americans will not fall for his pathetic antics and make the right choice when voting.

Check out the video of Trump speaking Hindi above.

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