Karma: Donald Trump Just Gave A Speech In Front Of Garbage Wall

Donald Trump hasn't missed a chance to express his hate for Muslims and minorities, but in a turn of events, Twitter users spewed their hatred of him right back.

The Republican presumptive nominee has talked about building a wall around America to keep Mexicans out on numerous instances. But for now, it seems like the only wall he is getting is a garbage wall right behind himself.

On June 28, Donald Trump delivered a speech at a recycling plant in Monessen, Pennsylvania. Trump took it upon himself on that day to slam the Trans-Pacific Partnership, but why he chose to do so in front of a pile of trash cannot be understood.

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The internet, of course, cashed in on the opportunity, and trolled the business mogul with an epic series of ridiculous tweets.




Some Twitter users made sure to express their dislike for the presidential candidate by comparing him to garbage, and saying that Trump standing in front of a garbage wall was a strong metaphor.



The presidential candidate, who is known for his hatred toward Mexicans, women, minorities, Muslims and pretty much everyone who is not white and rich, got a lot of hatred in return from people who understand that all he does is make false claims and bring down others.





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