RNC Spox Turns Into A Stuttering Mess Over Outreach To Black Voters

Throughout the exchange, Keilar kept asking Spicer as to why Trump chose an all-white crowd to appeal to African-American voters and Spicer kept getting angrier.

Remember CNN’s Brianna Keilar’s uncomfortable yet memorable exchange with Donald Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen during which all Cohen could say about Trump’s lagging polls was: “Says who?”

Well, a similarly cringe-worthy interview that everyone needs to see, this time around with RNC’s chief strategist Sean Spicer, aired this week.

Almost throughout the interview, Keilar kept asking Spicer about why the Republican presidential nominee chose an all-white crowd to appeal to African-American voters in Milwaukee. She also pointed out why in the world a presidential nominee would use the words: “What the hell have you got to lose?” while reaching out to a minority community.

“Why doesn’t he talk to an audience of black voters or go to a community that is at least 10% African-American? He hasn’t been doing that,” Keilar said. “If you were advising a candidate who is trying to, say, reach out to women, would you go to a room of men to deliver that message?”

Quite unsurprisingly, Spicer failed to come up with an apt response. In fact, far from it. He turned into a giant stuttering mess as he said Trump is trying to speak to American voters from diverse backgrounds  it’s just that the venues the media mogul speaks at were booked months in advance.

To this Keilar said: "You could pick a different venue in a different part of the city."

This enraged Spicer even further who retorted: "Hold on! Brianna, please let me answer the question if you're going to ask it."

When Keilar repeated her question, he grew even angrier.

You can watch the awkward interview in the video above.

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