Trump Stormed Out Of A 1990 Interview To Avoid Questions About Casino

In 1990, Donald Trump, the man who aspires to be the next president of the United States, couldn’t handle a reporter’s tough questions, so he threw a tantrum.

Donald Trump recently dodged at least two interviews because the reporters were asking tough questions and both encounters were caught on camera.

Refusing to answer difficult questions is certainly not a good quality in a person who aspires to hold the highest office in the country.

But Trump doesn’t care about that stuff. In fact, he never has.

In 1990, for instance, he walked out of an interview with CNN correspondent Charles Feldman when he asked the real-estate mogul hard-hitting questions about his billion dollar Atlantic City casino, the Trump Taj Mahal, which was set to open in March that year.

However, before the opening of the casino, some financial analysts made some negative predictions about Trump’s new venture and surmised it wouldn't be a success.

When Feldman highlighted those concerns, Trump visibly got irritated.

"You aren't going to talk about positive people. You'll talk about the negative. You want to talk about the negative,” retorted Trump.

When the reporter said there were a lot of negatives that couldn’t be overlooked, the boorish billionaire took off his mic and handed it to Feldman, saying, "Do the interview with somebody else. Really. You don't need this. Do it with somebody else. Have a good time. Frankly, you're a very negative guy, and I think it's very unfair reporting. Good luck."

Almost 26 years later down the lane, Trump’s pretty much the same person and insists his temperament is his best asset.

Is it, really?

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