Donald Trump Wants Americans To Boycott Starbucks

"If I become president, we're all going to be saying Merry Christmas again, that I can tell you," exclaimed the Republican presidential candidate.

Donald Trump might not drink coffee, but he didn't hesitate to join the throngs of disgruntled customers who are offended by Starbucks’ minimalistic red cups this holiday season.

Weighing in on the histrionic issue that has sent social media into a frenzy, the real estate mogul floated boycotting Starbucks over the redesigned cups because they do not feature snowflakes, fir trees, snowmen, ornaments, reindeers or anything that remotely represents Christmas, according to some religious conservatives.

“Did you read about Starbucks?” Trump asked a crowd in Springfield, Illinois, on Monday. “No more ‘Merry Christmas’ at Starbucks. No more.”

The GOP presidential frontrunner, who hosts a Starbucks coffee shop in his Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York City, brought up the argument while talking about college students who are searching for work to pay off their crushing loan debt.

“I have one of the most successful Starbucks, in Trump Tower,” he told the rally. “Maybe we should boycott Starbucks? I don't know. Seriously, I don't care. That's the end of that lease, but who cares?"

The former reality TV star then went on to promise the voters that if he gets elected to the Oval Office, he will make everyone say “Merry Christmas” — after all, nothing could put the magic back into the most wonderful time of the year except forcing people to wish each other a religious holiday, right?

Trump is reportedly the first presidential candidate to comment on the Starbucks drama, although he noted in his book The America We Deserve that that he does not drink coffee.

Watch Donald Trump’s comments on the coffee giant’s new two-toned red cups in the video above.

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