Trump Supporter Wears T-Shirt Calling For Journalists To Be Hanged

Photo of a white Donald Trump supporter proudly sporting a shirt with words “Rope. Tree. Journalist.” has set social media ablaze.

Donald Trump

When Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump proposed banning Muslims from entering the United States, his loyal followers responded by kicking Muslims out of their rallies.

Similarly, when the racist demagogue called a black  supporter a  “thug,” said African Americans are “living in hell” and chastised them for protesting against police brutality — which specifically targets their communities — Trump supporters began assaulting black people at their campaign events.

When Trump talked about sending his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton to jail, if elected president, his fans not only issued death threats against the former secretary of the state, one of them even offered to take her out.

Therefore, it should not have come as a surprise when Trump supporters reacted to the billionaire’s repetitive attacks on media by actually calling to hang the journalists.

However, it did come as a shock when someone spotted a man at Trump rally wearing this shirt:


The image soon went viral, drawing the ire of social media.











As the Fast Company reports, the shirt was available on online marketplace Zazzle. However, the website later removed it and posted a notice saying that the shirt was no longer available.

These disturbing anti-media sentiments among Trump fans are not exactly new.

Recently, a man was filmed yelling “Jew-S-A” (instead of "USA") at the reporters during a Trump rally.


Not long before that, the White House hopeful creepily singled out a journalist, Katie Tur, during a speech.

CNN reporter Sara Murray also recounted some of the scary moments she had to endure while following Trump on campaign trail — including the instances when she was personally targeted.

Earlier this year, a security guard at Trump rally also choked and slammed a reporter.

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