These Young Girls Were Pepper Sprayed By Donald Trump Protesters

A group of Trump supporters, including two little girls, were pepper sprayed during an anti-Trump demonstration outside Anaheim City Hall.

Instances of violence at Donald Trump's rallies usually come at the hands of the Trump crowd, and are mostly instigated by Republican presidential front-runner himself, but this one came from the other camp.

As the Anaheim City Council in California debated whether to pass a resolution condemning the Trump campaign, the candidate's supporters and protesters clashed outside. The melee devolved into an anti-Trump demonstrator pepper spraying the pro-Trump crowd.

Trump supporter Linda Reedy claims the anti-Trump agitators goaded her friends before one man jumped them.

“I just think they’re so out of control,” Reedy said. “I’m so sick of the anger in this country.”

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Raul Rodriguez Jr. of Apple Valley, one of the people pepper sprayed, also told his side of the story, “The kid that sprayed me walked into my bullhorn and he claims that I hit him with it, and he sprayed me in the face. We were here for a peaceful rally and he attacked me. He sprayed me with that spray. That's pitiful."

This isn’t the first time that pepper spray, or even a taser, has been used in a confrontation between pro- and anti-Trump demonstrators. In March 2016, a protester was pepper-sprayed in the face during a confrontation outside a Trump event in Janesville, Wisconsin.

The recent event took place while the city council voted 3-2 to take no action on whether to denounce the remarks by the billionaire business mogul and his comments on women, Latinos, Muslims, veterans, immigrants and refugees.

“Donald Trump has repeatedly attacked people of many races, religions and creeds,” the resolution stated, calling for a rejection of Trump’s statements as “contrary” to the state and U.S. constitutions and “not being reflective of the City of Anaheim’s guiding principles."

The tabled motion was introduced by Councilwoman Kris Murray, who later amended it by removing Donald Trump’s name and deprecating all presidential candidates with divisive rhetoric.

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