Donald Trump’s Surrogates Can Be Way More Offensive Than Donald Trump

Trump’s racism has been well-documented, as it should be, over the past year but let’s not ignore how some of his surrogates can be worse than the candidate.

Even if Donald Trump doesn’t win the presidency this year, he has already made history as the first U.S. Republican presidential candidate who single-handedly managed to offend women, African Americans, Latinos, the disabled community, Muslims, Jews and essentially anyone who was a non-white Christian-American.

And while criticism of Trump’s xenophobia is important and crucial, one should also not ignore how his supporters and surrogates are equally vile when it comes to race.

In fact, most of the media mogul’s spokespeople can be even more spiteful than Trump.

In June, conservative radio show host Howie Carr taunted Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren by putting his hand over his mouth, mimicking a stereotypical Native American war cry.

Unsurprisingly, the man was not the least bit sorry about his actions.

There are more examples, some of which have been compiled in the video above.

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