Donald Trumps Gets Fired Up Over Surprising New Enemy

Donald Trump yet again blows his top at a rally, this time at a weird target— his microphone technician.

The outspoken GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump slammed an unknown technician for setting up a faulty microphone at Trump's Wednesday rally.

After criticizing the U.S.-China trade policies, the real estate tycoon suddenly blasted out: “And by the way, I don't like this mic.”

His statement caused quite a lot of amused applause from the crowd. Trump then ordered his staff not to pay the person who bought the mic.


“You know, I believe in paying, but when somebody does a bad job like this stupid mic, you shouldn't pay the bastard. Terrible. Terrible. It's true,” he added. “I think you gotta be tough with your people because they’ll pay. They don’t care, they’ll pay. So we’re not gonna pay. I guarantee I’m not payin’ for this mic.”


Seeing Donald Trump blowing his top is not new to the voters but usually he reserves his temper tantrums for his political opponents, not defenseless microphones and their technicians.

He also added that he kept hearing a booming sound after short intervals. His audience also complained that they were unable to hear the Republican candidate clearly.



Anti-Trump voters quickly took to social media to discuss the candidate’s latest temper tantrum.




This latest stunt of the GOP candidate has done nothing to endear his opponents’ voters to him.

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