Trump’s New Ad Is An Unveiled Threat To Victims Of His University Scam

The new ad is basically a warning to all those who are planning to come forward and talk about the billionaire’s shady business endeavors.

Donald Trump shows no mercy to those who dare to speak out against him — even when he’s the one who appears to have wronged them.

The Republican presidential front-runner is currently embroiled in a series of class-action lawsuits related to the operations of Trump Entrepreneur Initiative. The complaints, two filed by former Trump University students and one by New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman, claim the program intentionally misled thousands of students into paying as much as $35,000 each in the name of seminars and mentorship programs.

The scandal has fueled a slew of political attacks on the real estate mogul, who has cemented his position as the party front-runner in the race for presidential nomination. His opponents have called him out for his now-defunct institute, but not one to back down, Trump is now responding to their criticism by turning the tables on the victims of his alleged scam instead.

The former reality TV star recently released a video to “set the record straight” on Trump University and brazenly revealed the full names of the former students who claim to be ripped off, while holding up the course evaluation forms they allegedly filled out.

“There’s been so much talk by dishonest people about Trump University or Trump Entrepreneur Initiative, and I thought I should set the record straight,” the White House hopeful said in the video. “No. 1, it’s something I could have settled numerous times. I just don’t believe in settling, especially when you’re right.”

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The two men Trump mentioned recently appeared in the ads funded by nonprofit American Future Fund.

Also, the ad looks like an open threat to anyone who dares to speak up against the business mogul or his Ponzi schemes, because as is proven, he won’t hesitate to name any names in front of the entire world and inadvertently set his legion of (mostly online) followers after them.

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