Trump’s Vile Condemnation Of Tehran Attacks Implies Iran Deserved It

As the president of the United States condemned Iranian victims, he also immediately suggested they had brought their deaths upon themselves.

Donald Trump should stop condemning terror attacks. Period.

Over the past week, the U.S. president has proved on two occasions that he lacks the empathy, morality and humanity needed to mourn loss of innocent lives.

Just recently, hours after suspected ISIS terrorists hit Iran’s parliament and the shrine of its former supreme leader Khomeini in Tehran, the U.S. president offered half-hearted condolences to the Iranian nation.

“We grieve and pray for the innocent victims of the terrorist attacks in Iran, and for the Iranian people, who are going through such challenging times,” Trump said in a press release.

And then he said this:

“We underscore that states that sponsor terrorism risk falling victim to the evil that they promote,” Trump concluded.

The statement was vile, to say the least.

Sure, he condemned the victims but also immediately suggested they had brought their deaths upon themselves.

Predictably, Iran's foreign minister Javad Zarif rejected Trump's condolences for deadly attacks in Tehran, calling the U.S. president's words “repugnant.”

It wasn’t just a callous statement, it was also factually incorrect.

Before Trump had commented on the tragedy, the so-called Islamic State terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attacks in Tehran. And the Islamic State is not based in Iran — it emerged in Syria and Iraq and is allegedly funded by Saudi Arabia, Trump’s favorite Middle Eastern ally.

However, knowledge of basic geography and regard for facts are not Trump’s strong suits, so it is not surprising that he blamed the ISIS attack on Iran.

Nevertheless, invoking such an accusatory remark in a condemnation was wrong and the leader of the free world should know better.

Then again, it’s Trump we’re talking about. He did something similar in the wake of the June 3 terror attacks in London, which claimed seven lives.

Instead of expressing solidarity with the victims, Trump used it as an opportunity to advertise his Islamophobic travel ban.

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