Trump To The Terminally Ill: I Don’t Care If You’re Dying, Vote For Me

“I say kiddingly, but I mean it,” Trump said before telling a Nevada crowd he didn’t care if people were dying. They should “hang out” till Nov. 8.

Donald Trump, who was once described as “so considerate and so funny” by his daughter, Tiffany, just gave an advice to terminally ill people that was “so inconsiderate and so unfunny.”

While addressing a crowd in Nevada, the Republican nominee courted the terminally ill vote by asking them to “hang out” till Election Day — and then die.

“I say kiddingly, but I mean it: I don’t care how sick you are,” Trump said. “I don’t care if you just came back from the doctor and he gave you the worst possible prognosis — meaning it’s over, you won’t be around in two weeks. Doesn’t matter. Hang out till Nov. 8. Get out to vote.”

One might say, for argument’s sake, Trump was joking and his comments are being blown out of proportion — but he meant it, because he said so himself.

“I say kiddingly, but I mean it,” he said before saying he doesn’t care about dying people.

It’s odd how the media mogul manages to surprise the world, considering it’s been more than a year that he has been mocking a variety of groups, including women, the disabled, African Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans and Muslims.

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