Trump Announces Surprise Visit To Mexico After Repeatedly Insulting It

After mocking Mexico and its people for over a year, the GOP presidential hopeful is now going to meet its president in a last-minute trip across the border.

President Enrique Pena Nieto

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is set to cross the border for a last-minute meeting with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto — the man who once likened the White House hopeful to Hitler and Mussolini.

The two will reportedly meet a few hours before Trump is supposed to deliver a speech on his immigration policy in Arizona.

The boisterous business mogul, who has relentlessly mocked Mexico and its people for over a year now, announced his surprise visit via Twitter.

The Mexican government also confirmed this meeting on social media.

As The Washington Post reports, President Nieto’s office sent out an invitation to both Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton last week. The billionaire, who has made illegal immigration a hallmark of his quickly derailing presidential campaign, began considering the offer after facing increased scrutiny over contradicting statements on the matter.

Although the meeting is an apparent move to shake up the election trail, its irony is not lost on people.

It's very clear that Trump's visit is just a stunt to pander to Latino voters and President Nieto seems to have been fooled by the facade.

The charade couldn't be more obvious and will undoubtedly fall flat. Trump can't possibly believe that Mexican citizens will suddenly change their unfavorable views of him.

After all, The Donald has spent a significant part of his campaign promising to build a huge wall on the U.S.-Mexico border and make Mexico pay for it. He also called Mexican immigrants “rapists” — twice, and repeatedly linked the rise in crime and violence to undocumented Mexican immigrants. 

Just because he softened up, or flip-flopped, on his immigration plans last week, doesn't negate any of the racist principles he built his campaign upon.

The internet, unsurprisingly, had a lot to say about the surprise trip.

Most people just wanted the racist billionaire to leave and never come back.

Meanwhile, Clinton campaign released a statement on the impending visit.

“From the first day of his campaign, Donald Trump has painted Mexicans as ‘rapists’ and criminals and has promised to deport 16 million people, including children and U.S. citizens. He has said we should force Mexico to pay for his giant border all. He has said we should ban remittances to families in Mexico if Mexico doesn’t pay up,” the statement read. “What ultimately matters is what Donald Trump says to voters in Arizona, not Mexico, and whether he remains committed to the splitting up of families and deportation of millions."

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