Trump Compares The Size Of His ‘Nuclear Button’ With Kim Jong-Un’s

“I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works,” tweeted President Donald Trump.

UPDATE: To highlight their belief that Twitter should ban President Donald Trump from the social media site, the group Resistance SF projected a message partially blaming Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey of being “complicit” in the president’s hateful and disturbing tweets.

The image, projected on the building that houses Twitter headquarters, reads “@jack is #complicit,” referencing the handle name Dorsey uses on the site. Resistance SF shared the image of their projection on their Facebook page on Tuesday night, shortly after Trump sent out a frightening tweet that panicked many minds about the possibility of nuclear war with North Korea.

Dorsey “breaks the rules of his own company, Twitter, to amplify a madman and endanger the world,” the caption of the image reads. “Jack Dorsey must resign or ban @realDonaldTrump.”

A Resistance SF spokesperson further elaborated on what the group was demanding:

"As long as he is CEO of Twitter and Square, they cannot be considered moral tech companies, and the board of directors of both should do the right thing and insist that either Trump or Jack must go. Jack Dorsey brought 280 characters to Twitter, but what we need more is a Twitter CEO with more character."

For its own part, Twitter explained that Trump’s tweets about his nuclear “button” do not violate the site’s terms of use, according to reporting from Newsweek. Trump is not making a “specific threat,” the social media site maintains.

Yet to millions (perhaps billions) of people around the world, the threat Trump poses to the safety of the planet — and perhaps the survival of humanity itself — couldn’t be clearer.

President Donald Trump appears to have an uncanny obsession with the size of things — be it the size of his hands, his inauguration crowd and now, as it appears, his “nuclear button.”

A day after North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un informed the world his nuclear arsenal is now complete and said there was a “nuclear button” on his desk that is ready for use, Trump took to Twitter to brag about his nuclear button being “more powerful” and “much bigger” than his foreign counterpart’s.

Apart from the fact that it constitutes as a horrific nuclear threat, the commander-in-chief actually compared the nuclear capabilities of the United States with a foreign leader over social media and also made fun of the poor, famine-stricken people of the hermit kingdom.

It is also important to note this is not the first time Trump has done something like this.

During a speech at the United Nations General Assembly, Trump referred to the North Korean leader as the “Rocket Man” and threatened to “totally destroy” his country. In return, Kim branded Trump with an equally insulting nickname when he called him a “dotard,” which translates to “an imbecile; a silly or stupid person (now usually) a person whose intellect is impaired by age; a person in his or her dotage or second childhood.”

Moreover, what “button” is he exactly talking about? Because as one of The New York Times’ editors once pointed out, Trump does have a red button affixed to the Resolute Desk, but it serves the sole purpose of summoning a butler holding a glass of Diet Coke, which he drinks approximately 12 cans of per day.

So, where is this other button? Also, what does the size of a button has to do with how well it works?

“If you love our country, help me put this lunacy in check,” said California Rep. Eric Swalwell. “Tell [Donald Trump] this is not normal behavior. Any [House GOP] members want to make sure Congress has some say before he pushes that button?”

Unsurprisingly, several other social media users also had a lot to say about Trump’s threatening tweet as well — along with discussing its possible repercussions and how close to apocalypse the world might be.

Interestingly, as one social media user pointed out, Trump’s tweet came nearly two minutes after the Fox News ran a chyron about Kim Jong-un’s nuclear button.

Meanwhile, people concerned by Trump’s nuclear threats are not only contacting their senators and representatives, many are also reporting the president for violating Twitter’s terms of service.

Given the fact Twitter previously declined to deactivate or suspend the president’s account, it's unclear if the company will finally take notice and put an end to (at least some of) this madness.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters, KCNA handout/Lucas Jackson

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