Trump Tweets At Wrong Ivanka During Daughter’s CNN Interview

President-elect Donald Trump really loves using his Twitter account, but yet another incident proves that he needs to really watch out what and who he tweets to.

A woman from Brighton, England, named Ivanka, has become famous on Twitter overnight, after U.S. President-elect Donald Trump tweeted at her instead of his own daughter.

It all started out when Twitter user Lawrence Goodstein praised Trump's daughter Ivanka, calling her a "woman with real character and class." But without realizing, he tagged a woman called Ivanka Majic, who is a council worker from England.

Although it made no difference to Goodstein since he barely has any followers on the social media site, people were quick to catch the mistake when Trump retweeted the same thing.



One man who goes by the name of Mark Pygas on Twitter replied: “@realDonaldTrump @drgoodspine @ivanka Ivanka Majic from Brighton, England, is a wonderful woman. You're right. RIP her mentions though.”

“I mean, she's probably trying to sleep and her phone is going off the hook but it's a hell of a story,” he wrote in another tweet. Other Twitter users soon caught on and blasted the business mogul for not even being able to tag his own daughter correctly.






Trump’s tweet has been retweeted around 4,000 times, favorited 23,000 times and received around 7,100 replies.

Trump has not deleted the tweet or even acknowledged his mistake, so far, and as for Ivanka Majic, she seems to be pretty inactive on Twitter as she has not yet replied to the mention by the president-elect.

The president-elect recently announced that he won’t be using the official @POTUS account on Twitter once he assumes position at office, and will continue tweet from his personal Twitter handle. Considering the kind of things he says on the social media site, and his recent confusion among the two Ivankas, his decision seems to be in his own best interest.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Mike Stone

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