Trump Says He Never Asked To Arm Teachers, Then Asks To Arm Teachers

“I don’t trust myself to be able to capably defend a classroom against a shooter, and I’m a good shot,” tweeted a concerned teacher.

In news that is hardly surprising anymore, President Donald Trump went on a Twitter rant — again.

Following the backlash over his administration’s callous response to the Florida school massacre, the president came to his own defense, stating he “did not ask teachers to carry guns.”

He used a 2016 tweet to reiterate he was never in favor arming teachers.


However, after his recent listening session with the survivors and family members affected by some of the worst school shootings in the U.S., the commander-in-chief tried to backtrack and explain why “only adept teachers” should carry guns in school.


Trump cried “fake news” once again, claiming he never said he would want to arm teachers before proposing “adept teachers who can shoot” are the solution to the gun pandemic, all in the same tweet.



Trump genuinely seems to believe this is an “instant” solution to gun violence.


He claimed that trained teachers with concealed weapons would scare away any “sicko shooter.”


However, according to the Violence Policy Center “guns are rarely used to kill criminals or stop crimes.”

Other studies also suggest that “more arms do not necessarily mean more safety.”

On the other hand, why would the president assume that a usually overworked and underpaid teacher, even if “adept,” would be comfortable shouldering such a huge responsibility? 

Josh Grubbs, assistant professor of psychology at Bowling Green State University, echoed these concerns in a tweet.


Trump’s solution has another flaw in it: the expense for teacher training.

Even if arming teachers made any sense, it would cost a lot of money. According to The Washington Post, training more than 700,000 teachers, along with the cost of firearms would cost around a staggering $1 billion.

However, at the end of his Twitter tirade, the president did support extensive background checks and raise the eligibility age to 21.


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