Trump Is Reportedly Not Happy With Sean Spicer's Performance

The White House press secretary seems to be in Trump's crosshairs as public ridicule of the misstatements and combativeness from Spicer picks up.

Sean Spicer

Is Sean Spicer going to be sidelined by faithless President Donald Trump?

The White House is reportedly seeking a new communications director to “lighten the load” of the press secretary, according to CNN. Spicer is filling in the position of both the press secretary and communications director for the new administration although traditionally the jobs are assumed by two staffers — and apparently, Trump is not happy with his performance during the first few weeks of his presidency. (Or it may be Trump is just angry that he was portrayed by a woman on “Saturday Night Live” last week).

However, Spicer was not reportedly Trump’s first choice for press secretary. Kellyanne Conway was offered the position first, according to CNN, but she rejected it. Besides her, Trump’s former transition spokesman Jason Miller was also asked to serve originally but he stepped aside before the inauguration for personal reasons.

In fact, Spicer was only appointed on behest of Reince Priebus, the White House chief of staff, who is a friend of the press secretary. Now Trump is upset with Priebus for pushing Spicer’s appointment and bagging him the most visible position in the White House. According to sources, Trump “regrets it every day and blames Priebus.”

The press secretary certainly had made many gaffes since inauguration, starting with his first press conference where he attacked the media over crowd size on Inauguration Day, rather than talk about Trump’s CIA speech.

He then accidentally tweeted out his Twitter account password, called 5-year-old children terror threats and called Jews “pathetic” for reacting to the Holocaust statement that contained no mention of them.

But in comparison to the president’s own blunders (read: lies), his actions are small fry. Spicer is only sinking to the level Trump himself has established for his administration.

However, a senior White House official said Trump supports Spicer “100 percent” while another source said “nothing could be further from the truth.”

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