Trump Might Not Have An Audience For His Speech In Davos

The people of Davos are not exactly thrilled with President Donald Trump's arrival, and some leaders are planning on walking out during his speech in protest.

President Donald Trump may receive a less than warm welcome at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where many of the attendees are planning on walking out during his address.

You know things are not going great when other countries plan on protesting the president of the United States. Trump is set to speak at the forum this Friday, but reports say that many people intend to stand up and exit while Trump is talking.

Those who are planning on walking out are doing so as a direct response to Trump's racist "shithole countries" comment regarding Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations. 

While Trump eventually denied making the comments, he was still slammed with backlash across the country, and it seems like that anger has carried over to Davos. 

The idea of boycotting Trump's speech came from the CEO of Business Leadership South Africa, Bonang Mohale, who wrote a powerful letter urging the attendees to protest. 

"One can only imagine how these views have been received by the millions of Americans descended from the slaves, who were herded and sold like cattle and shipped to the U.S. to build its economy. In insulting the homeland of their ancestors — who had no say in the genocide and atrocity that was slavery — you have again violated the dignity of those with roots in Africa, wherever they are in the world," Mohale stated in his letter slamming Trump.

People attending the speech are not the only ones planning on protesting. Many are set to gather outside of the forum, and other demonstrators are preparing to greet Trump with signs and chants upon his arrival. 

This treatment will certainly bruise Trump's fragile ego pretty badly. 

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