Donor Steps In And Pays Tuition For Houston Medical School Students

An anonymous donor covered the tuition for an entire group of medical school students, helping several future doctors have a more enjoyable college experience.

Students of the University of Houston’s College of Medicine were happily surprised to learn that their tuition had been covered by an anonymous donor.

The $3 million gift will be enough to cover the full tuition of every single member of the medical school’s inaugural class.

After making the announcement on Wednesday, University of Houston President Renu Khator explained that the happy occurrence came at a time when students are suffering tremendously because of debt.

According to Student Debt Relief, the average medical school graduate’s debt was $190,000 in 2016, and at least 25 percent of medical school graduates had debt that is higher than $200,000. To Khator, this development will be a major win for both students and Houston.

“Student debt is the number one deterrent for students when applying to medical school,” she said. “This generous gift will allow such students an opportunity to attend and ultimately lead the future medical workforce. As a result, the UH College of Medicine will increase access to primary care, enhance quality of life and strengthen Houston as a business destination.”

Some of the money will also be given to the college’s “Here We Go” campaign, which seeks to raise $1 billion for the University of Houston.

It appears that the anonymous donor knew just how difficult it is for a medical student to go through college knowing he or she will graduate with such a great amount of debt. To these students in Houston, at least, the college experience will feel even more rewarding as debt is not one of their concerns.


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