Don’t Let Trump’s Afghan War Speech Distract You From His Racism

As President Donald Trump prepares to deliver his speech on the Afghan War, keep in mind that just last week, he was sympathizing with neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

A U.S. Marine from the First Battalion Eighth Marines Alpha Company looks out as an evening storm gathers above an outpost near Kunjak in southern Afghanistan's Helmand province

President Donald Trump is gearing up to deliver a speech revealing his Afghan war plan of action Monday night during which he is expected to announce an escalation of the war by sending in more troops.

Despite the turmoil that has surrounded his presidency, Trump is tasked with convincing the American people that he has made the soundest decision on such a major foreign policy and national security issue.

While his plans are certainly important for the public to be made aware of, it is a questionable coincidence that this announcement comes just after his disastrous Charlottesville response and heavily-criticized press conference during which he placed blame on “both sides” for the violence and tragedy that took place between white supremacists and counter-protesters.

It appears that Trump is taking a desperate shot at damage control by trying to unify the country around this Afghan War strategy to detract from his racist and xenophobic agenda that he blatantly exposed to the public last week.

He seems to think that shifting to foreign policy will take the heat off the racial tensions that he has fueled here at home.

It is also likely that the masterminds behind this ruse are the hawkish generals he is surrounded by in his administration, including Secretary of Defense James Mattis, Chief of Staff John Kelly, and Gen. H. R. McMaster of the National Security Council.

"He wants to be the one to announce it to the American people," Mattis said on Sunday of the upcoming speech, according to CNN. "He now needs the weekend to collect his thoughts on how he's going to explain it to the American people."

It is no secret that since his inflammatory remarks on Charlottesville, Trump's support base has dwindled dramatically.

Corporate CEOs and the arts committee wasted no time resigning from their positions on his boards and even more than a dozen charitable organizations pulled their fundraising events from Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate because of its affiliation with the president.

Not to mention, Trump’s approval ratings have been pathetically dismal for months. With calls for his impeachment now louder than ever, he’s grasping at straws to try to stay afloat.

Additionally, should Trump announce that he plans to send more troops into Afghanistan as expected, it will mark one of the most hypocritical moments of his presidency yet as he mercilessly criticized former President Barack Obama for doing the same on multiple occasions.

Trump is, quite literally, a cancerous tumor on the face of the federal government and democracy as we know it.  

The speech he should be making tonight is an apology, retracting his previous statements on Charlottesville and strongly condemning the hateful agenda of white supremacists. 

We are willing to bet that this war strategy speech will prove nothing other than Trump’s hypocrisy and serve only as a distraction to the fact that a neo-Nazi sympathizer is leading the United States of America. 

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